Tips and Strategy

Tips and Tripoley Strategy!

Just like other online Rummy games (Traditional Rummy, Gin Rummy, Rummy 500 etc…), the game of Tripoley is constantly changing depending on the different strategies taken by the players. Since the game play of Tripoley is taken from three different games, it is suggested that you use different strategies in each round. Here are a few tips for the different rounds:

Hearts rounds - This round of the game is based only on the luck of the draw, although there is one player that has a choice in the cards they draw, the dealer. The dealer, after seeing their cards can choose to change their hand with the spare hand that has been put aside. This is the stage that they need to use their own judgment and take in to consideration the development of the game in the following rounds. If the first hand they were dealt did not contain cards that will be useful in the Poker round, then the dealer should consider changing their hand. The second thing to take in to consideration is based on the chances of winning in the last round - the Rummy round. The dealer should consider their hand and how it can help them in the final round.

Poker Round - In this round each player chooses 5 cards to play with in the poker round. The first instinct is to choose the best 5 cards that make up the best poker hand, however, there are a few things to take in to consideration. It might not always be wise to choose the best 5 cards, as in the poker round the player will most likely have to reveal their cards at the end of the round unless they fold. In the event that a player has a good run that could allow them to get rid of their cards in the Rummy round, and the pot has grown, it might be better to choose cards that are not as good for the poker round.

Rummy Round - In this round the Tripoley strategy is with the opening cards of the run. If a player has an ace from a certain suit and a low card from a different suit, they should take in to consideration that they will end the one suit and they will be able to begin the next run and get rid of their lowest card. In the event that there has already been a suit that has been played, and a player has a card from that suit, they should choose to open with that card to ensure that they will be able to get rid of the card.

The best tip is practice the game and come up with the Tripoley strategy that suits you best. Interested in learning how to play Tripoley and win?