How to Play

How to play Tripoley

Although there are many variations on the game of Tripoley, there is a basic game play pattern similar to all of the versions. The game combines principles from the three following games: Hearts, Poker and Rummy. Review this page to learn how to play Tripoley in no time!

The game of triply is played by 2-9 players and includes a board, chips and a deck of 52 cards.

All of the chips are divided between the players (in some versions players buy the chips). At the beginning of each round the players lay chips in each segment of the board Following, the whole deck is dealt (except jokers) between the players, including an extra pile.

Heart Round

The player holding "money cards" can take a chip from each of the board's segments. In the hearts round, the money cards are the cards from the hearts suit. When a player holds a card from the hearts suit, they can pick up a chip from the segment corresponding to the value of the card. The cases in which this move does not happen is with 8 - 9 - 10. In this case a tie is declared and the players divide the chips between them.

Poker Round

The next round is the Poker round in which players choose their top 5 cards (according to rummy rules). The dealer conducts the bets of the players that wish to continue and the winner is declared. This player wins the whole pool prize, unless there is a tie and in this case the pot is divided equally between the players that won.

Rummy Round

In this round the players put the cards from the poker round back in their hand. The dealer puts down the lowest card in their hand down on the rummy board face up. Then the round begins with the player with the card following the dealers card placing it in the deck. The process ends when the next card is in the extra pile of cards or when an ace has finished a sequence.

When a suit has been finished, the player who laid down the last card of the suit starts the next suit. If that player does not have a card to open the next suit the turn passes to the player to their left.

The first player to win all the moves, wins the chips from the corresponding segment on the board and the losing players give that player a chip for their win.

When that round ends a new round begins with a new dealer determined and a newly dealt deck of cards.

The game ends when one of the players has all of the chips or if all of the players decide it should end.

You can also review the rummy games tutorials, follow its simple instructions, learn all the application terms to prepare yourself for all the action action that awaits!

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