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Gin Rummyis probably one of the most famous members of the family of Rummy games. Originating in 19th century New-York, some claim that its name is derived from its inventor's favorite drink. Gin Rummy shares the basic elements of other rummy games, but also has its unique nuances that set it apart from other rummy games.


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Gin Rummy is designed to be played by two to four players. A player's primary objective is to be the first player to lay down valid melds with all the cards in his hand. Unlike Traditional Rummy and other Rummy games such as Kalooki and Rummy 500, Gin Rummy also includes a secondary objective, which is to try and lower the amount of deadwood to a minimum. The "Deadwood" is the cards that can not be melded in to any set or run in hand or in the melding area. Gin Rummy is played with one standard deck of cards without any ofthe jokers. A turn consists of two moves - The first, drawing the top card of the deck or discard pile, and the second is throwing a card of low value to the player's hand. A cards value is determined by it's suitability to the runs and sets in the player's hand, or by the cards value in penalty points.

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A quick Gin Rummy Tutorial

We figured that the best way to learn how to play Gin is by watching it as the game is being played. Click here and watch the interactive demo game. This way you will be able to learn how to play the game in less then 2 minutes and you will be able join our exciting Gin games in no time.