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Kalooki 51 game as part of the family of Rummy Games

The Kalooki 51game as part of the family of Rummy Games is one of the most popular card games in the world. Its origin, like allof the Rummy card games is derived most likely from the Chinese game ofMahjong, but has quickly become a much loved and popular games within its own right.

What is the Kalooki 51 game?

The game of Kalooki 51 is based on the well known playingformat of Rummy games. It is played by 2-4 players, during which each player plays according to his turn. The main objective of the game is tobe the first player to get rid of all of the cards in your hand. You can get rid of your card by creating runs or sets and melding them in the designated melding area.

There are two different types of sequences in Kalooki 51. The first type is a run of sequential numbers of the same suit. The second type of sequence is a set which consists ofcards of the same number and different suits. Both of the sequences must be made using 3 or more cards.

Each turn consists of at least two moves. The first move is drawing a card and the second is discarding a card that you do not need. The drawn card can be taken fromthe main stock pile or from the discard pile containing the last card that your opponent discarded. Once you draw a card you have two options;the first is to discard a card from your hand into the discard pile, thus ending your turn. The second is to meld card sequences in the designated melding area and thus reducing the amount of potential penalty points and raising your chance of winning.