Kalooki 51 rules

How to play Kalooki 51

Kalooki 51is very similar to Traditional Rummy with a few small changes.

The basic principals of Rummy are found in the Kalooki 51 games although the different rulesmake Kalooki 51 fun, exciting and challenging! Here are some basic terms and rules on how to play Kalooki 51 that are important that every online player knows.

Kalooki 51

  • The game of Kalooki 51 is played by 2-4 players.
  • In order to play you require 2 decks of cards including 2 jokers.
  • Each player receives 13 cards.
  • The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards.
  • During the game players must create sequences of runs or sets with the cards in their hand. Runs are made up of sequential numbers of the same suit, while sets are made up of the same card value but different suits.
  • A sequence of cards must be made from 3 or more cards.
  • A set contains up to 4 cards while a run can contain up to 14 cards.
  • Each turn is made up of 2 moves - draw and discard.
  • A card can be drawn from the stock pile or from the discard pile. The only card that can be drawn from the discard pile is the last card discarded by your opponent.
  • A player can make a third move during his turn - melding his collected sequences to the melding area or by building on to the melds already at the table.
  • In order to meld for the first time in the round you have to have the correct value of cards to meld, 51 or higher.
  • Jokers receive the points of the card whose place it is holding. In Kalooki 51 it can be used as a 1 or a 13.
  • When a player melds all of his cards their opponents receive penalty points correlating to the value of the remaining cards in their hands. Each card's points are equal to their face value, except the royal cards (10 points each), Ace (11 points) and joker (25).
  • There are two ways to win in Kalooki 51: Going out is when the player melds all of their cards gradually into the melding area before their opponent. The second way is by going Kalooki, when a player melds all of their cards at once. If a player goes Kalooki their opponents receive an additional 25 penalty points.
  • In Kalooki 51, a move is not considered to be "Going Kalooki" in case the player is building cards onto existing melds while getting rid of all of his cards at once.
  • The pool prize is divided relatively to the winners' points who receives at least 75% of the pool prize.