Online Tournaments

Kalooki 51 Tournaments

RummyRoyal's online game platform gives our players the opportunity to play in Kalooki 51 tournaments for exciting prizes. Kalooki 51 tournaments can be found in the lobby 24/7 and allow our players to take part in exciting and thrilling games against others from around the world.

Kalooki 51 Single Table Tournaments

Rummy Royal's Single Table Tournaments are multi-player tournaments designed to enable 2-4 players to compete with each other for a share of a large prize pool. What makes these tournaments so charming is their simplicity and quick pace. In Single Table tournaments players receive penalty points per the cards left in their hand at the end of each round. A Player that reaches the maximum amount of penalty points allowed is eliminated from the tournament and the last player(s) to stay at the table receives their relevant share ofthe prize pool.

Kalooki 51 Multi Table Tournaments

Our Multi-Table tournaments are based on the same basic principles which are: a number of players register for the tournament, as the game is played players are eliminated. The tournament ends with the final table, in which 4 players compete for the top prize.

Multi-Tabletournaments are multi-player tournaments that are designed to enable a very large number of players to compete with each other towards winning ashare of a larger pool prize. The Multi Table tournaments are held according to a predetermined schedule. You can find each tournament's specific schedule and other relevant details inside the Multi Table Tourney Lobby.

The variety of Kalooki 51 tournaments

Kalookihas many distinct and set rules. However, the tournaments vary and you can find different tournament variation that make playing Kalooki even more exciting!

Prize pool division in Tournaments

Justlike the standard rules, prize pool division in Kalooki 51 tournaments is also comprised of standard rules. In most tournament (unless otherwise stated) there is a pool prize made up of all the stakes from all of the players at the table excluding the table fee. In most cases the top 4 players will receive a part of the prize, where first place always receive 75% of the pool prize and the remainder is divided according to players' ranking.

Now, all that's left is for you to enter the user friendly RummyRoyal lobby, choose to play in cards or tiles, look for the Kalooki 51 tournaments and start competing for the great prizes.