Tips and Strategy

How to hone your Kalooki 40 strategy

Kalooki 40 strategy is sophisticated and each move can affect its outcome. The game requires skill, strategy and some luck - but the skilled player is the one who wins in the long run. This game is so dynamic that any move of any players can lead to many different results. This is why we offer some guidelines (not by order of importance) for you to review and improve the level of your analysis of the game

Draw -a basic action within the Kalooki 40 game is drawing and this tip will teach you what you need to notice. At the beginning of each turn a player is required to draw a card. The player has a choice; he can draw acard from the stock pile (face down) or the discard pile (face up). At the beginning of a round, it is better to draw a card from the stock pile since other players can't see the card you draw. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to learn which cards you are collecting.

Discard- Another basic action in the game is discarding a card at the end of each turn. Try to see if you can throw out cards that will confuse your opponents and will lead to them giving you the cards you need.

Concentration- In any rummy game(online or offline) you want to be alert at all times. Take notice of the cards being thrown to the discard pile, what players pick up from that pile and sometimes, even the time it takes them to decide may teachyou something about what's going on in their heads. A concentrated player enjoys the advantage of knowing more about the cards that each ofhis opponents is holding and can assess the situation better. For example, in a late point of the game, you can see an opponent picking uphis 5th card from the discard pile, it is highly likely the he is finished melding all the cards in his hand and in the next turn might win. It might be a good time to lay down the melds you have in order to lower the risk of being caught with too many cards. Of course, players also use this move to distract their opponents, and let them believe the end is near, while it's's all about reading the game!

Discard Pile- As mentioned earlier - the discard pile is where you see all of the cards that have been thrown out by other players as well as some of the pickups. Knowingthe deck well gives you the advantage of taking notice of cards that you should not expect in the near future, and maybe not until the next hand. When you watch the player after you discard a certain card, you can learn about which cards he does not need, so you know what it safe to discard in future turns.

End of the game- If you are going for "Kalooki"- laying down all of your melds at once - you must be super alert, otherwise you might get caught with all of yours and get plenty of penalty points. Watch the other players and calculate your risks, sometimes it's best to wait for a better opportunity.

The play tips and strategies are not rules of thumb, but can give the player manyadvantages over his opponents.