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Kalooki 40 Tournaments´╗┐

Offsidebet's rummy platform provides its players with the ability to play Kalooki 40 tournaments online twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week.  Kalooki 40 tournaments are available in both "Practice Mode" and "Real Mode", tiles and cards, and can carry fantastic cash prizes. 

AKalooki 40 tournament enables players to compete for big pool prizes, while registering with a small buy-in. As the tournament progresses, players are eliminated as they reach the elimination threshold of penalty points. The tournaments end when there's only one last player atthe tables, who is the winner. Another type of tournament is Points Tournament, in which the winner is the first player to reach a predetermined target score (available in Rummy 500 tournaments).

The variety of Kalooki 40 tournaments

Kalooki 40 can be played at Offsidebet in both single table tournaments and Multi-table tournaments. Single table tournaments are open for up to 4 players, whereas multi-table ones can include thousands of players. You can play them for different buy-in amounts with players from all over the world. 

Available Tournament Formats

We have dedicated an entire page to this matter and you can read all about it in our Tournament Format page. In a nutshell though, we offer a variety of tourney formats including:

  • Guaranteed Prize Tourneys (in which we guarantee a minimum cash prize, regardless of how many players participate)
  •  Added Prize Tourneys (in which we add a predetermined amount of prize to the pot, regardless of how many players register and rebuy).
  • Freerolls - this type of tournament is open with free registration and carries real cash prizes.
  • Royal Stars Tourneys - here you can take advantage of your loyalty points and turn them into cash.
  • Qualifier Tourneys - in these tourneys you can win a voucher for a tournament with large prizes.
  • Speed and Turbo tourneys - for those of you who like it fast!

Prize pool division in Tournaments

In single table tournaments the prize poolis distributed according to a predetermined table in which the winner gets at least 75%. In multi table tournaments the pool prize may be divided in different ways: it can all go to the winner, it can be divided between the first couple places and basically have any possible distribution structure. Be sure to check the prize distribution table ofthe tournament you want to join inside its "Tournament Lobby" - in order to learn more about it.

It's time to taste the excitement of online Kalooki 40 tournaments, simply open the RummyRoyal application and start playing your favorite games!