Tips and Strategy

Rummy Strategy

Rummy is a game requiring skill, concentration and tactics in every single turn. Players' decisions influence the game's progress and every action has an impact on how the game develops, and eventually on how it will end.

This is why it is highly recommended to consider several strategic principles that can be utilized in different situations when playing the game. Since each game is different than the other, not every tip might be necessarily relevant in similar situations. It is best to use these tips as guiding principles in your rummy strategy, that may help you make the right decisions.

Concentration - Rummy is a fast, dynamic game. This means that the pace and momentum may shift at almost every turn. Concentration and vigilance give players an advantage, since focused players can easily follow the moves made by their opponents, and as a result can have a better evaluation of their current position in the game. For instance, a player noticing that an opponent collected several cards of the same suits will assume that that player is close to completing his or her hand.

The discard pile - Each turn players throw away cards that they don't need. A player who pays attention to the cards being discarded will benefit twice: One, he or she will know what cards left the game, and as a result what he shouldn't rely on getting from other players. And second, the player will see clues as to what cards his or her opponents are holding in their hands.

Drawing - When a round begins it is recommended to draw from the deck of cards and not from the discard pile. This will prevent your opponents from knowing what cards you need. It isn't mandatory to follow this rule, because every now and then a useful card that completes a meld will appear, and then it's recommended to pick it up.

Discarding - Discarding at the end of your turn is significant to the development of the game. Discarding gives your opponents a clue about what you have in your hand. It is possible to mislead your opponents by carefully discarding your cards. If you throw an 8 of hearts when you have 7 and 9 clubs, it may make your opponents think that you don't need eights at all, thus increasing your chance of getting that card from the player who plays before you.

These are strategic tips that suit every variation of the rummy games (Kalooki 51, Kalooki 40, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin and Rummy 500). Following these guidelines will surely improve your game in comparison to others. There are many strategies out there, find the one that works best for you and become a player who wins big prizes!

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