This tournament format includes the game of Gin Rummy, Oklahoma, Kalooki (Kaluki) Traditional Rummy, Rummy 500 and Okey (also available as Rummikub). For a complete schedule please refer to the Scheduled Tournaments page. The idea behind this tournament format is to enable players to compete towards wining a large prize pool. Each tournament has its own payout table that distributes the pool prize in accordance to the players' performance during the entire tournament.

This tournament format is available both in Quick Tournaments and Multi-Table Tournaments.

Main Lobby abbreviations for special tourney types:








 Added Prize





Royal Stars

Royal Stars


Qualifier Tourney



Turbo (T)
These tournaments are like regular ones with the added element of speed.  Enjoy Gin, Kalooki 40, Kalooki 51, Oklahoma, & Rummy with a pace that’s faster, more thrilling and more dynamic.  Each turn lasts 30 seconds, giving players additional challenges of being quicker and more alert. This tournament format is available in both Quick Tournaments and Multi-Table Tournaments.  You can recognize this type of tournament in the lobby by the "(T)" added at the end of the tournament's name.

Speed (S)
The tourney level counter runs faster, creating faster pace, thrilling tourneys that become more and more unpredictable as they progress.

Guaranteed (G)
In this tournament format RummyRoyal sets a predetermined guaranteed tournament prize that is not conditioned by the amount of the registered players. This means that players' stake amounts count towards the pool prize, however in cases in which not enough players registered in order for the pool prize to reach the guaranteed prize – we will make up the rest. In cases in which players' accumulative stake amount exceeds the predetermined guaranteed prize, the prize will increase correspondingly.

Added Prize (A)
In added prize tourneys RummyRoyal adds a specific amount of money to the accumulated prize pool. If, for instance, a $7 ($6+$1) buy-in tourney is played by 20 players and has an added prize of $25, the total prize pool will be $145 instead of $120.

Rebuy (R)

Multi Table Tournaments:

In this type of tournament players who were eliminated at an early level are allowed to return to the game with their initial number of chips. The maximal level for rebuy, and the number of rebuys per player appear in the tourney lobby.

It is also possible to rebuy when the chip count is lower than x = [initial chip count – level 1 ante], by clicking on the rebuy button at the bottom right corner of the table screen.

Multi Table Tournaments with rebuys are labeled (R) in the lobby.

Quick Table Tournaments:

In Quick Tables it is possible to rebuy when eliminated. The rebuy is done by clicking the rebuy button at the bottom right corner of the screen. The player rejoins the tournament with the same number of penalty points as the player holding the highest number of penalty points that is remaining at the table.

Quick Table Tournaments with rebuys are labeled according to the maximum number of rebuys allowed: (Rx1), (Rx2), and so on.

Payments (P) (also known as Wagers) 
In traditional offline rummy games, some versions include additional wagers – alongside the game pot. Payments are awarded at the end of each round, and the game still retains a final prize pool that goes to the winner (or winners) of the entire game. In this type of game the winner of each hand receives additional payments from his defeated opponents; according to their winning move (e.g. “Going Kalooki” or “Gin” pays more than “Going out” )– regardless of the game’s fixed pot size.

In Quick Tourneys, players allocate a set amount of funds to the table that consist of both the games’ buy-in and the payment chips. The buy-in amount goes to the pot and the rest is manifested as chips for the payments in between hands. If a player runs out of chips in the middle of a game, he/she will remain in the game but will not be required to pay additional payments nor entitled to receive payments from other players for his/her wins. When a player is eliminated from a table (in Quick Tourneys) or when a game ends (in Rounds Tourneys), any remaining chips will be returned automatically to the player’s balance in cash. Tables with payments are labeled (P) in the lobby. Payments are available both in Quick Tourneys and Rounds Tourneys modes. The games’ payment ratio appears in the black box at the top right corner of the table, and the maximum amount risked per game is listed in the main lobby in brackets in the Buy In column.

Royal Stars (Royal Stars)
During each month we are holding Royal Stars multi-table tournaments for all R.S.C. members. All of RummyRoyal’s depositing members are invited to participate in these tournaments and convert their accumulated Royal Stars into Real Cash!

Freerolls are multi-table tournaments that offer real money prizes with no entry fee. RummyRoyal holds many freeroll tournaments of various Rummy games on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition we offer special freerolls to the different ranks of VIP membership. All freeroll tournaments inside the lobby are colored yellow in order to make them easily recognizable.

Qualifier (Q)

Tournaments with high guaranteed prizes usually have qualifier tourneys in which vouchers for the main event are awarded to the winners. You can find information on such tourneys in the “promotions” section of our website. 

Beginners (B)
Beginners’ Tables were designed to give new player a chance to get used to playing with real money against players of the same level. Only new depositing members, that have made their first deposit within 90 days are eligible to enter.

* Beginners’ tables are labeled (B) in the lobby.

Good luck!