Rounds Tournaments

Round Tourneys The Rummy card games are played by 2 to 4 players, making Rummy games a great social activity offline and online! To maximize your online rummy gaming experience, many real-life technical features and especially designed elements were integrated to create the ultimate Rummy rooms. All these comprise the perfect platform for fun, exciting and playful online real-time multi-player Rummy tournaments!

Round Tourneys are a great way to start playing online Rummy, since they are relatively short and require rather basic strategy. The more rounds a table has, the more planning and strategy it involves. But the fun doesn’t end here. Quick Tourneys are also available at RummyRoyal.

Rounds Tourneys can be found under the "Rounds Tourneys" tab. There are three types of Rounds Tourneys tables: One-Round, Three-Round and Five-Round tables. One-Round tables are basically one-hand games, and the round winner takes a part of the prize pot based on his or her number of points. Two- and Three-Round tables consist of two and three hands accordingly. Here, players losing a round will accumulate penalty points according to the total value of cards left in their hands at the end of the round, and the winner is the player who has the least amount of points when the final round ends.

RegistrationPlayers can register for these type of games at all times, provided that there is an available seat at the table and that they have the required buy-in amount in their balance. Since Rounds Tourneys are open 24/7, whenever 2 or more players sit at a table, the game will start, and another table will open automatically when no seats are available. Under the "Rounds Tourneys" tab, you will find various rummy variations, with different buy-in amounts and number of seats. Players can cancel their registration by buying-out before the first round begins, and in this case their account will be credited with their buy-in amount in full automatically. To review the complete list of available ring tables, please click on the relevant tabs inside the game lobby.

Pool PrizeEach table has a different buy-in amount. The buy-in amount consists of the players' stake for the tournament as well as a small fee which is paid to RummyRoyal for facilitating the game. The buy-in amount is deducted from players' accounts as soon as they register. The stakes of all the registered players form the pool prize which the winners of the game share.

SeatsEach round starts with a quick deal that determines the order of play (the player with the highest card plays first) and the seats are reassigned to provide all players with the best view of the table and the meld area.

Sharing the PrizeAs the game progresses, players accumulate penalty points according to the total value of the card left in their hands at the end of each round. At the end of the last round, the prize is distributed between the winner and the rest of the players according to the deadwood count. The winner always gets at least 75% of the prize pool, and the other 25% will be distributed to the rest of the players. These players' cut is calculated according to the proportion of their point and the winners', as long as they have less than 50 penalty points remaining in their hand.

It’s easy and simple to join Rounds Tourneys tables. For example, to join a Real Money Gin Three-Round Ring table, click on the Real Mode tab, followed by a click on the Rounds Tourneys tab and then the Gin button. Choose the table you wish to join and click the Join button. The number of rounds in each ring table appears to the left of the “Join” button in the "Rounds" column.