Multi Table Tournaments

Please review the Tournaments Rules section prior to registering for any of our Multi-Table Tournaments.

The Tournaments Multi-Table tournaments are multi-player tournaments designed to enable a large number of players to compete with each other towards winning a share of a large pool prize.
These tournaments are held according to a predetermined schedule. You can find each tournament's specific start time and other relevant details inside the Tourney Lobby.

Tournament Lobby This section inside the Offsidebet Rummy application provides players with all the relevant information they need to know about a specific tournament. You can learn about the tournament's name and ID, tournament's state, number of registered players, the size of the pool prize, the exact time the tournament will begin, time left for registration, the required buy-in amount, the distribution of the pool prize and players' progress throughout the tournament. This is also where you can register and cancel your registration to a specific tournament.

Registration Each tournament's registration period is different. It may last several minutes and up to several days. Enter a specific tournament's lobby to learn about its registration period. Click on the red "Register" button at the right hand side of the screen to register. You will then be prompted with a popup message that indicates your registration has been successful. As long as the tournament is under the registration status, you may cancel your registration by clicking on the "Cancel Registration" button located at the same place. In this case, the buy-in amount will be credited back to your account in full.

Pool Prize Each tournament has a different buy-in amount and Freerolls tournaments require no buy-in at all. The buy-in amount consists of the player's stake for the tournament as well as a small fee that is taken by RummyRoyal to facilitate the tournament. The buy-in amount is deducted from players' accounts as soon as they register. The stakes of all the registered players form the pool prize which the winners of the tournament share.

Tournament Seats As soon as the tournament's status changes to "Running", the tournament begins. At this point, you will be automatically transferred to a Rummy Room to begin your first round of the tournament. Tables and seats are assigned randomly while evening out the numbers of players assigned to each table.

Playing Chips Each tournament has its own starting chips amount. All players begin the tournament with an equal amount of chips. Players gain and lose these playing chips as the tournament progresses according to their performance during the different rounds. Players are eliminated from the tournament when their playing chips count is zeroed. These playing chips help to determine the rank of the players who are still playing the tournament and have no value outside of it.

Tourney Points Besides the playing chips, players are ranked according to their Tournament Points. Players accumulate these points during each round the following way: Winner – 3 pts, Middle place – 2 pts and Last place – 1 pts.

Sharing the Prize As the tournament progresses, more and more players lose all of their playing chips and are eliminated from the tournament. When the final round of the tournament is over, the last 4 players to play at the "Final Table" are ranked according to their elimination order. All other players are ranked according to their Tournament Points. Each tournament has its own "In the Money" list that determines how many players are eligible for which cut of the pool prize. The prizes are distributed among the relevant players once the tournament is over and their final rank is determined.