Quick Tournaments Table

Quick Table Tournaments (Quick Tourneys):

  1. Start Time: Offsidebet holds quick table elimination tournaments 24/7. Each tournament has a predetermined number of allowed participants and as soon as this number of seats is taken the tournament commences. To learn about available seats and tables, please refer to the lobby, "Quick Tourneys" tab.
  2. End Time: A quick table elimination tournaments is over as soon as all of the participants have been eliminated but one. The last player to stay in the game receives the relevant share of the pool prize as indicated by the payout table of the specific tourney.
  3. Registration: Players may register for a specific quick table tournament as long as the number of allowed participants has not been exceeded, and as long as they have the required buy-in amount in their balance.
  4. Cancel Registration: Players may cancel their participation in a quick table tournament and receive the relevant buy-in amount back to their account as long as they do so before the tournament begins.
  5. Amount of Players: The amount of maximum permitted players is set for each tournament separately.
  6. Seats: In each round the seats are assigned randomly and cannot be altered.
  7. Elimination: a player is eliminated from the quick table elimination tournament as soon as they collect the maximum amount of allowed penalty points.
  8. Rebuy: When choosing to employ the rebuy option in a quick table tournament, the player rejoins the tournament with the same number of penalty points as the player holding the highest number of penalty points remaining at the table.
    For example: Brian was eliminated from the tournament. David has -75 points, Sandra has -105 points and Garry has -164 points. Brian chose to use the rebuy option and rejoined the tournament with -164 penalty points.
  9. Scoring:
    Gin Rummy\ Oklahoma Gin

     Penalty Points (defeated)
    GinSum of deadwoods + 25 penalty points.
    KnockSum of deadwoods minus knockers deadwoods.
    UndercutSum of deadwoods minus undercutter's deadwoods. Knocker receives 25 extra penalty points.

    Kalooki\ Traditional Rummy\ Rummy 500  

     Penalty Points (defeated)
    Kalooki 51\ RummySum of the remaining cards value in the player's hand + 25 Penalty Points. (Ace = 11, Joker = 25)
    Kalooki 40Sum of the remaining cards value in the player's hand + 25 Penalty Points. (Ace = 11, Joker = 15)
     Rummy 500 (Sum of melds) - (Sum of the remaining cards value in player’s hand) (Ace  = 15, Joker = 15)
    Going outSum of the remaining cards value in the player's hand. (Ace = 11, Joker = 25)
  10. Disconnections:
    1. When registering for a quick-table tournament, a player is taking full responsibility for the risk of their internet disconnection or communication interferences between their PC and RummyRoyal's servers, any lag or freeze game, and any other problem in their own computers. Other than a server crash, RummyRoyal does not take any responsibility for any of the players' disconnections from server.
    2. As RummyRoyal is aware that internet disconnections or interferences may occur, players will remain in the tournament in Auto-Play until they return or are eliminated.
    3. Server Crash: in case of a server crash all registered players will be refunded per their buy-in amount in full.
  11. Auto-Play: In case players fail to complete their turn on time (1 minute) – the system will automatically draw one card from the stock pile and discard it at the end of their turn. This is called "Auto-Play".

    In case all of the players assigned to a specific table are in auto-play, the round will continue for a couple more minutes. At the end of this time, the tournament will cancel. Players will be refunded the stake for this tournament automatically.

  12. Prize Distribution: The prizes are distributed according to the payout table of the specific tournament. In a 2-3 player tournament the winner takes the whole pot. In a 4 player tournaments the prize pool is distributed between 1st and 2nd place. To Learn about a specific tournament's payout table, click on the "Payout" button located inside the game room, on the top left hand side.

  13. Vouchers – The prize for a Quick Table Tournaments can also be a voucher for a Multi Table Tournament, in which case the “Prize” indicator at the top right corner of the table screen will show “Voucher”. In voucher tables, the winner will always win all of the prize, and no money will be awarded for places 2-4.

  14. Game Room Chat: Chatting during rounds of quick table tournaments is permitted and even encouraged. RummyRoyal reserves the right, at its own discretion to disqualify players from the quick table tournament immediately, in case they fail to comply with RummyRoyal's Etiquette and Chat Abuse Policy.

  15. Terms of Use: All of Offsidebet's terms of use and play apply for all of the quick table tournaments. Offsidebet reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take any measures against players that are caught engaging in any activity or play pattern that does not comply with these terms. Players that are caught engaging in such activities will be risking the loss of their winning funds and\ or the termination of their accounts at Offsidebet.