Multi Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments (Multi Table Tourneys):

  1. Start Time: All of RummyRoyal's multi-table tournaments begin at the exact time specified in the Tournament Lobby.
  2. End Time: A multi-table tournament ends as soon as one player has accumulated all the chips in play.
  3. Registration: Players may register for a specific multi-table tournament as long as they meet the relevant tournament's terms and conditions, and as long as they register before the tournament begins, or as long as the number of allowed participating players has not been exceeded. As RummyRoyal's terms of use state, in multi-table tournaments just like any other gaming service it offers, players are allowed to use only one account.
  4. Cancel Registration: Players may cancel their participation in a tournament and receive the relevant buy-in amount back to their account as long as they do so before the multi-table tournament begins.
  5. Amount of Players: The amount of maximum permitted players is set for each tournament separately.
  6. Tables and Seats: Table and seats are assigned randomly and cannot be altered.
  7. Elimination: a player is eliminated from the multi-table elimination tournament when they reach a total of 0 playing chips at the end of a round.
  8. Playing Chips: a predetermined amount of playing chips per player is set for each multi-table tournament separately.
  9. Rebuy: Multi-Table Tournaments can include the option to "Rebuy" playing chips while the tournament is running. This allows players to “buy” more playing chips during the round or after being eliminated from the tournament, as long as the tournament level does not exceed the maximum level.
    • Playing Chips: The initial amount of chips in the tourney will be the amount of chips that players can “buy” with a single rebuy.
    • Number of Rebuys: Each tournament has its own predetermined number of rebuys allowed per player. This information is indicated inside the specific Tournament Lobby.
    • Maximum Level: Each tournament enables the rebuy option until a certain predetermined level. For Example: A specific tournament enables the rebuy option until level 3; therefore eliminated players will be able to rebuy as long as the tournament's level is 3 or lower. This information is indicated inside the specific Tournament Lobby – Current Level category.
    • Rebuy in play: Players will be allowed to use rebuy in play as long as their chip count does not meet or exceed the starting chip count in that specific round. The ante paid to play in a round counts as part of the player’s chip count.
    • Elimination Rebuy:  From the moment of elimination, players have between 20-30 seconds to decide whether they would like to rebuy into the tournament or not (depending on the starting time of the first round at the Final Table). If they decide to rebuy, they will receive the starting amount of playing chips and will be randomly seated at one of the tables.
    • Final Table: The rebuy option is available in accordance with the rules mentioned above – as long as the final table has not begun its first round.
  10. Playing Chips Distribution:
    • Levels: Each multi-table tournament begins by all players playing at the same Level – Level 1. As the tournament progresses, the levels go up according to a preset amount of time. Each level determines the Ante and the Playing Chips Ratio (PCR) per all rounds that begin during the specific level. The levels duration time may change from one tournament to another.
    • Ante and Ante Pot: A specific Ante (amount of Playing Chips required to participate in each round) is set for each level of the tournament and goes up as the tournament progresses. The Ante is indicated at the top right corner of the game room window. In case a player has less playing chips than the Ante required, they will be able to participate in the next round, and in case they win, they will be able to collect the funds in the Ante Pot in full. Read more under Playing Chips Payout Table.

    Each round has an individual Ante Pot that consists of the total playing chips paid by players as Ante in order to participate in a particular round. The winner of the round takes all the Playing Chips in the Ante Pot.

    • Playing Chips Ratio (PCR): At the end of each round, the playing chips are re-distributed between the players seated at the table according to the outcome of the round. The defeated players' penalty points are multiplied by the PCR value of the particular round and this is the amount of playing chips that is deducted from their balance and added to the round's winner.

    For example: 2 players are seated at a table playing a Kalooki elimination tournament, Ante is 30 and PCR value is 3. Player 1 wins the round by going "Kalooki" as player 2 has 3 cards left in his hand – 2,2,3. Player 2's penalty points are [(25+2+2+3)*3]=96. In addition, player 1 is entitled to collect the entire amount of playing chips in the Ante Pot which is 60 in this case. Therefore, after the round is over, a total of 156 playing chips (96+60) will be transferred to player 1's balance, as 96 playing chips of this amount is deducted from player 2's balance.

    • Playing Chips Payout Table: At the end of each round the playing chips are distributed as followed:

    Gin Rummy\ Oklahoma Gin

     Chips that are transferred from defeated to round Winner
    Gin[(Sum of deadwood + 25)*PCR] + Ante Pot
    Knock(Sum of deadwood minus knocker's deadwood *PCR) + Ante Pot
    Undercut(sum of deadwood minus undercutter's deadwood*PCR) + Ante Pot Knocker is deducted 25 extra chips * PCR

    Kalooki\ Traditional Rummy \Rummy 500

     Chips that are transferred from defeated to round Winner
    Kalooki 51\ Rummy[(Sum of remaining cards' value in player's hand+25)*PCR] + Ante Pot Ace = 11, Joker = 25
    Kalooki 40 [(Sum of remaining cards' value in player's hand+25)*PCR] + Ante Pot Ace = 11, Joker = 15
     Rummy 500 {[(sum of melds – Sum of the remaining cards value in player’s hand) – Winner’s points] * PCR} + Ante Pot (Ace  = 15, Joker = 15)
    Going out(Sum of remaining cards' value in player's hand*PCR) + Ante Pot Ace = 11, Joker = 25

    • Important: Besides collecting all the playing chips in the Ante Pot, the winner of a round will be able to collect from each defeated opponent only the amount of playing chips that the winner risked during that round. The amount of playing chips players risk during each round is the amount of chips left in their account after paying the Ante.
    • Tournament Points (TP): besides the playing chips, players are ranked according to their Tournament Points. After the tournament is over, the TP help to rank players that have been eliminated and did not make it to the final table, in which players are ranked by the order of their elimination. Players accumulate these points during each round the following way:

    Tournament Points Table:
    Player's place when round is overTournament Points Accumulated
    Middle Place2
    Last Place1
    Level Bonus2

    1. Winner – When players win a round – they collect 3 TP.
    2. Middle Place – When a round is over and a player is neither first nor last – they collect 2 TP.
    3. Last Place – When a round is over and a player finishes in last place – they collect 1 TP.
    4. Level Bonus – Every time a new level takes effect and a player is still in the game (is able to participate in the first round of the new level, since still has playing chips), they receive 2 TP.
  11. Vouchers: Some tournaments allow players to register with a voucher, and others have vouchers as part of the prize pool. The option of using vouchers is indicated in the tourney lobby - in the “buyin” field. If a tourney has a voucher as part of the prize pool, this will be visible in the “total prize pool” field and in the prizes chart. In order to register for a tourney with a voucher, players must check the appropriate box in the confirmation window that opens after pressing “Register”. A list of the player’s current and past vouchers can be found in the Cashier screen under the “My Vouchers” tab.
  12. Ranking: While the multi-table tournament is still running, and players still have playing chips, they are ranked according to the amount of playing chips they have. Once a player is eliminated (reached 0 playing chips at the end of a round), they are ranked according to the amount of TP they have collected during the entire multi-table tournament regardless of the amount of time they played. Players' final ranks are determined once the multi-table tournament is over and can only go up.

    • Tie: In the case that more than one player reaches the same amount of Tournament Points after the multi-table tournament is over, the prize for this rank will be distributed equally between these players.
    • Final table ranking: the ranking of the players to reach the final table is determined by their order of elimination (e.g. the first player to be eliminated from the final table is ranked 4th and so on).

    * Tie policy mentioned above applies for tie cases inside the final table as well.

  13. Collapsing Tables: As the multi-table tournament progresses and as players are eliminated, the RummyRoyal multi-table tournament system will collapse tables and transfers players randomly while maintaining the following rules: 
    • Minimum average empty seats
    • Minimum player waiting time
    • Minimum player transfers
  14. Disconnections:
    • When registering for a multi-table tournament, a player is taking full responsibility for the risk of their internet disconnection or communication interferences between their PC and RummyRoyal's servers, any lag or freeze game, and any other problem in their own computers. Other than a server crash, RummyRoyal does not take any responsibility for any of players' disconnections from server.
    • As RummyRoyal is aware that internet disconnections or interference may occur, players will remain in the multi-table tournament in Auto-Play until they return or are eliminated.
    • Server Crash: in case of a server crash all registered players will be refunded per their buy-in amount in full.
  15. Play Time: we ask players to play in a timely manner and so have designed our multi-table tournaments system to disregard the time factor in ranking players.
  16. Auto-Play: In case players fail to complete their turn on time (1 minute) – the system will automatically draw one card from the stock pile and discard it at the end of their turn. This is called "Auto-Play".
    In case all of the players assigned to a specific table are in auto-play, the round will continue for 5 whole minutes. At the end of this time, the round will be over and the chips will be distributed in accordance with the players' hands.
  17. Prizes Distribution: The prizes are distributed as soon as the multi-table tournament is over according to the relevant table inside the Tournament Lobby. By default, the table inside the Tournament Lobby shows the first 3 places. To review the complete "In the money" list – click on the "More Info" button at the Prizes Table inside the Tournament Lobby. To learn about our multi-table tournaments payout structure please review the Payout Structure Table.
  18. Game Room Chat: Chatting during rounds of multi-table tournaments is permitted and even encouraged. RummyRoyal reserves the right, at its own discretion to disqualify players from the multi- table tournament immediately, in case they fail to comply with RummyRoyal's Chat Etiquette.
  19. Terms of Use: All of Offsidebet terms of use and play apply for all of the multi-table tournaments. Offsidebet reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take any measures against players that are caught while engaging in any activity or play pattern that does not comply with these terms. Players that are caught engaging in such activities will be risking the loss of their winning funds and\ or the termination of their accounts at Offsidebet.