Okey Masters Leaderboard



1 $50
2 $25
3 $15
4 $10
5 $5
6-10 Lucky $1

# Table name Buy-In Points
1 Okey Masters $3.25 1
2 Okey Masters $5 2
3 Okey Masters $7 3


Leader Boards Schedules
Week 1 Starts 02.11.11 00:00 GMT Ends 08.11.11 23:59 GMT
Week 2 Starts 09.11.11 00:00 GMT Ends 15.11.11 23:59 GMT
Week 3 Starts 16.11.11 00:00 GMT Ends 22.11.11 23:59 GMT
Week 4 Starts 23.11.11 00:00 GMT Ends 29.11.11 23:59 GMT
Week 5 Starts 30.11.11 00:00 GMT Ends 06.12.11 23:59 GMT


Players Ranking

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Okey Masters competition is open only to depositing members.
  2. The leaderboards competitions will be held during the relevant time mentioned above. The events' tables may be opened several hours before\ after the event time, however the games in question will count towards the prizes only during the time specified above.
  3. The number of prizes each player can collect is not limited; players are invited to play towards winning as many prizes as possible.
  4. The winner's names and the prizes distribution will be published on the application and on the winner's page within 24 hours from the end of the weekly challenge.
  5. The prizes will be awarded automatically at the end of the challenge. In case of a tie in ranks that awards cash prizes, the players sharing the same rank will split the prize amount. In case of a tie in ranks that awards with a voucher, the system will award all players of rank 6-10, with relevant vouchers, however, it will abide to the rule of up to total of 30 prizes per the entire board.
  6. In the interest of fair gaming we require winners to play at least 20 games of any kind before making any withdrawals.
  7. Any players found using multiple accounts to enter these tourneys or engaging in any fraudulent activity shall have their accounts closed and any winnings will be null and void.
  8. In case of a tie between two or more players, the overall number of wins of each player will be used to determine their rank. For example, Players A and B both have 30 points in the leader board. Player A has 10 wins and 10 losses, and player B has 5 wins and 20 losses. In this case, player A will be ranked higher than Player B.
  9. Management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice. In addition, it reserves the right to use the tournaments' data for publication and advertisement needs.