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Win a prize in October

Big Prizes with Offsidebet in October.


In October we would like to offer 4 weekly bonuses for Active players. Each week players will compete to win exciting prizes.
We also offer $10 cash bonus on Games account for playersfinished 2nd to 10th.


Here's how it works:

Promotions will run for 4 weeks:

  • 1st – 7th October 23:59 (CET) Apple iPod nano with Camera 8GB


  • 8th – 14th October 23:59 (CET) Xbox Elite Console (250G Hard Drive)


  • 15th – 21st October 23:59 (CET) Apple iPod Touch (32G)


  • 22nd – 28th October 23:59 (CET) Sony Playstation 3 Slim Console (160G)



Each week we will give away the following prizes:


  • 1st place – one of above prizes


  • 2nd to 10th - $10 cash bonus on Games account


Taking Part is Easy!

Login to your account

Play your favourite games and get rewarded!


  1. All participating players need to deposit at least $10 for/during each promotion week


  3. All players need to wager (place bets) at least $1000 during each promotion week on any game in our Games section


  5. Player with the best “equalised payout factor” will be declared a winner.


Example: placed bets = to $100 and win $130. Win/bet ratio would be equal to 1.3 (130/100 = 1.3)“Equalised Payout factor” - Equalized score types can be considered as the most fair win criteria, since they focus on player skills (as opposed to considering the size of individual bets) which allow low rollers and high rollers to compete on the same terms.


What happens afterwards?

  1. Every following Friday we will publish the name of the 1st place prize winner and the winners of the $10 cash bonus here.

    Week 1 WINNERS
    Nr. Username Points
    1.  ZOPKA1760  1.02
    2.  RMZN147  1.01
    3.  MACABRETR  1.00
    4.  THANOS  0.97
    5.  CKURCAN  0.95
    6.  KON8888  0.95
    7.  MURATGEM  0.93
    8.  ANELKA89  0.93
    9.  AFIZEM  0.90
    10.  FABREGAS99  0.79

    Week 2 WINNERS
    Nr. Username Points
    1.  KAMURANGUR  1.04
    2.  ZOPKA1760  0.97
    3.  CIHANKALE  0.96
    4.  SATTO2003  0.94
    5.  MTUGRUL  0.93
    6.  ESAT1926  0.90
    7.  CKURCAN  0.87
    8.  ELECS6  0.86
    9.  SEMSI  0.75
    10.  MERYEMCE02  0.59

    Week 3 WINNERS
    Nr. Username Points
    1.  AQUARELO  1.01
    2.  ESAT1926  0.99
    3.  MTUGRUL  0.97
    4.  MYRELATIVE  0.93
    5.  MERYEMGE02  0.93
    6.  CKURCAN  0.83
    7.  PUNTER21  0.80
    8.  SOPLETE  0.75
    9.  MESA3114  0.75
    10.  ISMAILOZER  0.72

  2. Week 4 WINNERS
    Nr. Username Points
    1.  MTUGRUL  1.01
    2.  ZOPKA1760  1.00
    3.  ARSIDA  0.96
    4.  KERKUKLU21  0.95
    5.  AZZTRK06  0.91
    6.  BARIYERDIBI  0.91
    7.  MASKIN  0.90
    8.  CKURCAN  0.82
    9.  ISMAILOZER  0.81
    10.  ULARDEX  0.79

  3. The winner can buy the prize for the 1st place at his preferred retailer and we will pay for it. We kindly ask the winner to send the receipt to [email protected] We will add this amount to winner’s main account. Please note that the maximum amount will not be greater than average retail price for these prizes.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. We do not tolerate the abuse of bonuses. The Offsidebet Games bonuses have been designed for entertainment purposes. If deposit and/or bonus money granted is not used for the sole purpose of gaming or wagering and/or Offsidebet management is under the impression that there is a suspicion of abuse e.g. that players do not perform an appropriate level of game play, Offsidebet reserves the right to blacklist the players, void all winnings and to refund the original deposit amount to the players. Any winnings made using advantageous betting methods (including but not limited to systematic bets on roulette) will be considered as fraudulent and will immediately become void.


  3. In case of dispute, the decision of the Offsidebet Casino Management shall be considered unconditional and final. No correspondence will be entered into.


  5. Employees, governing bodies and directors of the Offsidebet, their advertising agencies, or other agencies, licensees and licensors, service providers and other affiliated companies or group companies are excluded from participation. This also applies to family members of these persons.


  7. Entrants who fail to comply with any of the stipulated Terms and Conditions of this promotion will forfeit their bonus, which will subsequently be removed from their gaming account. Any player attempting to claim multiple bonuses for which they are not eligible will have his/her account closed and any winnings on all his/her accounts will be void.


  9. Offsidebet reserves the right to cancel any promotion at any time.