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  Multi Table Tournies


MTT Leaderboard promotion- February 2011




Total promotion cost- $150,000


  • $12,500 per monthly leaderboard.
  • $100,000 for the final leaderboard.





The promotion will start on Monday, February 1st at 00:00 and will run for 4 full calendar months, until May 31st at 23:59. The promotion will rank all players who participate in any of the network’s schedule tournaments (Satellites and private tournaments are excluded). The leaderboards will award players with points according to the below formula.



Calculation of leaderboard points


Players will receive points for participating in any of the network’s tournaments, based on the below formula, which takes into consideration the tournament buy-in ,the number of players in the tournaments (these are derivatives of the prize-pool), and the finishing position of the player in the tournament.



Calculation formula:



The Buy in coefficient (seen in the above formula) will be determined according to the following table:


Category Buy-in Coefficient
High $100 and above 4
Medium $20-$99.99 3
Low $5-$19.99 2
Micro $0.5-$4.99 1.5
Freerolls $0 0.5



Examples of different cases:


Numbers of players Place finished Buy-in Buy-in Coefficient Points
100 1 10 2 100.00
666 1 300 4 516.13
666 25 300 4 103.22
750 1 20 3 410.79
750 $10 20 3 129.90



Leaderboard XMLs





Payout and results


For every player, the best 20 results (derived by the formula) for each month will be counted towards the leaderboard points for that specific month. This is in order to prevent a situation where players have a better chance by playing more, but also to ensure a minimum amount of tournaments played.


Monthly Leaderboard

Monthly Leaderboard
Place Prize
1 $1,500.00 +Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
2 $1,000.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
3 $750.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
4 $500.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
5 $350.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
6 $250.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
7 $170.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
8 $125.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
9 $100.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
10 $80.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
11-20 $70.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
21-30 $60.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
31-40 $50.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
41-50 $40.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
51-75 $30.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
76-100 $25.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
101-150 $20.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
151-200 $12.00 + Entry to the monthly $2,500 FR
200-500 $2500 Freeroll Entry





All players from the leaderboard will play in a monthly $2,500 freeroll. The monthly freerolls will be held at 16:30 pm (GMT) on the following Sundays: March 6th, 2011; April 3rd, 2011; May 8th, 2011; and June 5th, 2011.



Freerolls Payout Structure:


Place Prize
1st $250
2nd $190
3rd $170
4th $145
5th $125
6th $100
7th $75
8th $50
9th $40
10th $30
11th-25th $25
26th-50th $18
51th-75th $12
76th-100th $8



Overall Final Leaderboard and Prizes:


After a four months period, the top 20 players on the final ranking board will win a WSOP Executive Experience package with a total value of $5,000 for each package.


The package includes:

  1. Buy-in to one of the WSOP side events: estimated at $1,000.
  2. Accommodation for the period of the event: estimated at $650.
  3. Executive perks package: estimated at $2,000, which includes
    1. Excursion.
    2. Dinner for two at the Exclusive SW steakhouse at the Wynn.
    3. Two top notch tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil show.
    4. Limo pick-up to and from the Las Vegas airport.
  4. Cash for flights and spending: estimated at $1,300.
  5. Handling fees: estimated at $30.

    *The prices mentioned above are an estimate only; iPoker will finalize the package as soon as the WSOP 2011 schedule is published.



Terms & Conditions:


  1. The counting periods for this promotion are:

    • Calendar months: Feb 1st – February 28th, March 1st – March 31st, April 1st- April 30th and May 1st- May 31st. (2011)

    • Final: February 1st – May 31st, 2011.

    • All periods start at 00:00 and end at 23:59 (GMT).

  2. The rankings for the leaderboard are based on the accumulation of “Leaderboard Points”, based on the following formula:

  3. The best 20 results for each player will be counted towards the leaderboard points, over a period of one calendar month.

  4. Only registrations to scheduled network tournaments with cash buy-in (with an exception of freeroll) are eligible to leaderboard’s points. All other type of buy-in tournaments, satellites and private tournaments will not be counted towards this promotion.

  5. Prizes will be awarded to the top ranking players in the leaderboards based on the payout structure which is described above.

  6. Interrupted tournaments do not count towards this promotion. A tournament must be played to completion in order for its participating players to be eligible for leaderboard points

  7. In case there is a tie between players’ leaderboard points in paid places, all players with that number of points will be issued an average amount of their prizes (as per their positions).
    For example, if two players are positioned in the 1st place, each of them will receive $1,250 which is an average of the 1st ($1,500) and the 2nd ($1,000) places prizes.

  8. Multi currency tournaments with either a currency which is not USD, or prizes which are not USD, will be converted to the network’s base currency, which is USD.

  9. Final leaderboard: the overall top 20 players will be awarded with $5,000 WSOP Executive Experience package, as described in the promotion description. In case of a tie in the 20th place, both players will receive a WSOP Executive Experience package.

  10. Leaderboard XMLs will be updated on a daily basis, until 12:00 PM, GMT.

  11. iPoker reserves the right to refuse payment to any player which is found colluding.

  12. Payments will be made up to 7 days from the leaderboard completion through interrupted tournaments.

  13. iPoker may amend/cancel the promotion at its sole discretion at any given time.

  14. Tournaments are counted towards this promotion are based on their end time.

  15. All decisions made by iPoker are final.



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