Traditionally, Mahjong's (Also referred to as Mah jong, Mahjongg, Mah Jonhh and Majian) origins are traced back to 500 B.C. and ascribed to the great Philosopher and China's first teacher - Confucius. More well-based theories claim the game was invented sometime during the 19th century in Shanghai or Ningpo, under the reign of the Ching Dynasty.

The Game
Although the game can easily fall under the tile games category (much like Rummikub), the game bears a much greater resemblance in play to the Rummy family of games. Requiring skill and strategy, Mahjong is a fun game to play and is elegantly esthetic. The Chinese game arrived in America by the 1920s and became an immediate sensation. Sharing the Rummy games play structure, the Mahjong Objective is to get rid of all the tiles by forming melds. Another well-know version of the game is Mahjong Solitaire, in which the player matches sets of tiles.

RummyRoyal is currently working on adding the game to its gaming platform, and intends to upload the ultimate online version sometime during 2009. The online multiplayer Mahjong software will be available for download off the internet free of charge and will enable both fun and money play. A Mahjong tutorial, alongside complete "How to Play", rules, tips and strategies guides will be available for all players, helping them learn the game, win and join the prestigious elite of RummyRoyal champions.

Make a Difference!
The Mahjong Rummy variation is not available at the moment.