Traditional Rummy

The Game of Traditional Rummy

For over two hundred years Rummy has been considered the most popular card game in the world. Although there is a game called Rummy, the name is also used to describe a family of card games that share similar characteristics. We offer an online version of Traditional Rummy that contains all of the basic rules and features of the rummy games.

The Traditional Rummy Table

The game is designed to be played by 2-4 players. The object of the game is to be the first player with no cards in their hand. The game is divided into rounds and turns. A turn consists of two actions: picking up a card, and discarding a card at the end of the turn. Cards can either be picked up from the deck, or alternately it is possible to pick up the card that was discarded by the previous player during his or her turn. When discarding, it is most likely that a player will choose to discard the card that has the least value to that player's hand.

Every card's value is assessed according to its usability in melds that the player is planning to form. In order to "get rid" of cards players must form sets or runs and lay them down in the meld area. One card has to be kept in hand in order to be able to complete the turn.

Run - at least three consecutive cards from the same suit.

Set - at least three cards with the same value from different suits.

When a player is left without any cards in his or her hand, that player wins the game, and their opponenets are penalized according to the accumulated value of the cards that were left in their hands when the game was won.

For more information on the rules of Traditional Rummy, and its scoring system, visit our Traditional Rummy rules page. You can also visit out Traditional Rummy strategy page to read about some of our game strategies and tips.

Traditional Rummy can end after one round or three, where the points collected during the game are calculated in order to determine the winner. Players have two main options: either to gradually lay down melds in order to reduce the risk of being caught by another player, or to try to lay down all the melds at once. This type of win is called "hunt", and winning this way will reward the winner with more points.

Now, in order to start playing Rummy all that's left to do is to download our application for free and join thousand of players from all around the globe in making Rummy history!