The game of Tripoley is part of the extended family of Rummy Games, although it has several noticeable elements taken from other games. As far as history goes, Tripoley was invented in 1932 by Stanly Hopkins and only at the end of that decade, the games company "Cadaco" from Chicago began it's distribution. Today this company distributes eight different variations of Tripoley.

The game is intended for 2 to 9 players and requires the following equipment: A deck of cards with no jokers, Chips and the Tripoley board.

The game pattern consists of 3 rounds, and every round is based on a different game. The first round is based on the game Hearts, the second round is based on the game Poker and the third round is based on the game Rummy.

In the first round all players place their chips on the different segments on the board. Afterwards, all cards are dealt  to all players including one extra hand. No one plays the extra hand or knows what it contains. Players who have cards that match a segment on the board can collect the chips from that segment.

In the second round, each player compiles the best 5 cards Poker hand. Afterwards, begins a betting round in with each player can either fold, call, raise or bet. Once all players have called or folded, the player with the best poker hand collects the "Pot" section and all of the bets.

In the third and final round, players place their Poker hands back with the rest of their cards (The player who won the last round begins this round). This round begins as the first player places his lowest card of a chosen suit (Not necessarily the lowest card in hand) and each of the players lay down the next card of that same suit sequentially. The play goes on this way until one of the cards is missing (Because of the dead hand) or an Ace is laid down. The player that placed the last card then lays down one of his lowest cards of a different suit (The type of suit is irrelevant). The winner of the game is the player who has no cards left in hand.

The game of Tripoley has no time limit, as long as all of the players are willing to continue playing or a there is a predetermined maximum winning amount. At the end of the game players can play another round of Poker to determine who takes the remaining chips on the board.

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