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Players can choose to play our variety of Rummy games using a standard deck of cards or using colorful tiles. All of the game options are available on the options page in every game. Just click on the "options" button on the top left hand side of the game window and you can choose the format that suits you the best.

The game of Rummy 500 is one of the most dynamic games at Offsidebet, as the game can change at any minute by just picking up one card. It is vital to keep track of the cards that have been discarded and melded in the melding area as this will give players the greatest advantage over their opponents.

The game of Rummy 500 is most similar to our Traditional Rummy game but combines elements from great games like Gin Rummy and Kalooki. The combination of required skill and creativity is what keeps this game interesting and assures that everyone will enjoy it.

RummyRoyal players enjoy state of the art graphics, freeroll tournaments, online challenges against players from all over the world, and most importantly - players can enjoy all of the above for free and without having to disclose their personal details!

After downloading the game for free, players can use their virtual balance to play free online rummy games. Practice money games and real money games all follow the same format and all of the games are always played against other opponents from our site.  Depositing is optional, but only depositing members enjoy all of the prizes and benefits offered by Offsidebet !

The software is very user friendly and live support is available 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions. Just click on the live support button in the site or in the application and all of your questions will be answered in minutes.

Now is the time to download the game for free, to get to know the various Rummy games, and to join thousands of players who are already enjoying our online rummy games in every corner of the world!