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Rummy 500 Tournaments

Rummy 500 is an exciting game with many different factors that bring a player to win. Each game is made up of a number of rounds and in each round the leader of the game can change.

Just like most games in the Rummy family, Rummy 500 is also a game that requires maximum concentration and alertness throughout the game making the game exciting and thrilling. With RummyRoyal's software players can take part in a wide variety of Rummy tournaments. Players from around the globe take part in our tournaments, with each tournament carrying a different prize.

There are many different tournaments for players to choose from such as: beginners' tournaments, VIP tournaments, limited seat tournaments, tournaments open to all of the players and many more. Most of the tournaments follow the same format. The tournament starts with a large number of players, and during the tournament players are eliminated unil there is just one player remaining, the winner.

At the end of each tournament the prize is divided according to the tournament rules. The pool prize is dependant on a number of different factors, such as, the number of participating players, buy in amount, the number of rebuys made and a number of other factors. It goes without saying that the more players that compete in a tournament and the higher the buy in amount, the higher the pool prize will be.

Tournament types

Offsidebet has thousand of people in our community of players. In order for everyone to find a tournament that is suitable for them player can find a wide variety of tournament formats in the application that ensure that players have an exciting time. Some of the tournament formats available are; guaranteed prize tournaments, added prize tournaments, speed tournaments, beginners tournaments, freeroll tournaments, Vip tournaments and many more.. All of these tournaments give our players the opportunity to find the right type for them.