Quick Table Tournaments

Offsidebet's Tournaments The Rummy card games are played by 2 to 4 players, making the Rummy games a great social activity offline and online! To maximize your online gaming experience, many real-life technical features and especially designed elements were integrated to create the ultimate Rummy rooms. All these comprise the perfect platform for fun, exciting and playful online real-time multi-player Rummy tournaments!

Please review the Tournaments Rules section prior to registering for any of our Quick Table Tournaments.

Quick Rummy Tournaments Quick Table Tournaments are multi-player tournaments designed to enable 2-4 players to compete with each other towards winning a share of a larger prize pool. The charm of these tournaments is rooted in their simplicity and quick pace. These tournaments are Quick Table tournaments in which players receive penalty points per the cards left in their hand at the end of each round. Players that reach the maximum amount of penalty points allowed are eliminated from the tournament and the last player(s) to stay at the table receive their relevant share of the prize pool.
These tournaments are held 24/7 and can be found inside the lobby, under the Quick Tourney tab.

Registration Players can register to this type of tournaments at all times, provided that there is an available seat at the table and that they have the required buy-in amount in their balance. As these tournaments are held 24/7, as soon as a specific table is full, another one opens automatically. Under each game inside the Elimination Tourney tab, players can find a variety of different quick table elimination tournaments that varies in buy-in amounts and number of players allowed. As soon as the amount of allowed player is reached, the tournament commences. Players can cancel their registration by buying-out before the tournament begins, and in this case their account will be credited with their buy-in amount in full automatically. To review the complete list of available quick table elimination tournaments, please click on the relevant tab inside our lobby.

Pool Prize Each tournament has a different buy-in amount and Freerolls tournaments require no buy-in at all. The buy-in amount consists of the player's stake for the tournament as well as a small fee that is taken by RummyRoyal to facilitate the tournament. The buy-in amount is deducted from players' accounts as soon as they register. The stakes of the all the registered players form the pool prize which the winners of the tournament share.

Tournament Seats Just like in ring games, each round starts with a quick deal that determines the turns (the player with the highest card is the dealer) and the seats are reassigned to provide all players with the best view of the table and the meld area.

Sharing the Prize As the tournament progresses, players accumulate more penalty points and are eliminated from the tournament. Each tournament has its own payout table according to the number of participating players. In 2-3 player Quick Table Elimination Tournaments, the winner takes the whole pool prize. In 4 player tournaments, 1st and 2nd place share the pool prize in accordance to the relevant payout table indicated on the top left hand side of the screen.

Joining the quick table elimination tournaments is quick and easy. For example, to join a Real Mode Gin Rummy Elimination Tournament, click on the Real Mode tab, followed by a click on the Quick Tourneys tab and lastly, click on the Gin button. Choose the table you wish to join and click the Join button. Please note the amount of points that appears to the left of the 'Join' button indicates the amount of accumulated penalty points allowed in this particular tournament.