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The Oklahoma Gingame is a variation of Gin Rummy and is one of the most common card games in the world. So popular that the Oklahoma Gin game is the official game of Las-Vegas' annual World Series of Gin Rummy. The group of games called "Rummy" includes many variations and version that share theoverall look and feel of Traditional Rummy.

Traditional Rummyand the Oklahoma Gin game are very similar, and apart from some minor rules they are almost identical. Oklahoma Gin is designed for up to 4 players, and the object of the game is to form valid melds and to have the lowest amount of deadwood at the end of the game. A meld is a sequence of consecutive cards from the same suit, or a set of similar cards from different suits. In any case a meld will have at least three cards.

Melds can be formed at any turn, but can only be laid down when the player is ready to end the game. Each player draws a card (fromthe deck or discard pile) and discards a card of choice at the end of the turn.

Unlike Traditional Rummy the number of cards dealt to each player change according to the number of players in a given game. Two players will be dealt 10 cards, and 3-4 players will be dealt 7 cards each. An additional difference between Traditional Rummy and Oklahoma is the ending.

Oklahoma ends in one of the three following ways -

Gin - The ultimate victory. The winner was able to create valid melds from every card in hand except forone - the last card which is discarded at the end of the turn. In this case, players will be penalized according to their deadwood count plus 25 points.

Knock - one player forms valid melds from the majority of the cards in hand, where the deadwood count is ten or lower (according to the opening card) at most. When a player knocks his or her opponents can add cards directly to the melds created by the Knocker. This may lead to victory by "undercut".

Undercut- the player who didn't knock can lay down his or her melds. If that player's total deadwood count is lower than that of the player who knocked, he or she will win by undercut. The player who knocked will be penalized with 25 points in addition to his or her deadwood count.

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