Online Tournaments

Oklahoma Gin Tournaments

We hold various tournaments on a daily basis where players from all over the world compete against each other for various prizes and benefits. Given the diversity of the Oklahoma Gin community, tournaments are available in various formats allowingevery person to find his or her niche.

Our Single Table Tournaments were designed so that 2-4 players could compete with each other for a share of a pool prize. The Single Table tournaments give players great entertainment with their simplicity and fast paced game play. Our Single Table tournaments are held 24/7 and can be located inside the lobby by clicking on the Single Table Tourney game tab. For acomplete schedule you can refer to the Scheduled Tournaments page. The main goal of this tournament format is to enable players to compete towards wining a much larger pool prize. Each tournament has its own payout table that shows the exact pool prize distribution in accordance to the players' performance throughout the entire tournament.

Among other tournaments, you will be able to play in freerolls that have cash rewards without entry costs, increased pool prizes, qualifier tournaments for larger events, beginner tables, tournaments for VIP players and other events that make the game room an interesting and dynamic place 24 hours a day.

Oklahoma Gin is played by 2 to 4 players, making it a great social activity offline and online! To maximize your gaming experience, many real-life features and elements were integrated to create the ultimate Oklahoma Gin game rooms. All of these comprise the perfect platform for exciting and playful online Multi-Player Oklahoma Gin tournaments!

The general idea of Oklahoma Gin Multi Table tournaments is to gather a large amount of players to compete against each other in a large number of tables, whereat every stage the weakest players leave the tournament. Eventually, finalists compete over the highest prizes in a final, conclusive, table.Prior to registering for any of our Multi-Table Tournaments, please review the TournamentsRules section.

Every tournament, regardless of its type, has a rigid, pre-defined rules system that allows only some of the players to take part and compete for various prizes. Players can choose to play using cards or Rummikubtiles once they have opened an account.

Participation in online Multi Table tournaments is available only for depositing members, unless stated otherwise. Would you like to take part in various exciting Oklahoma Gin tournaments? All you need to do is to visit our download page and get yourself a free copy of our games!