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  Tournament Rules
Offsidebet Poker - Tournament Rules


Tournament Rules






  1. All tournaments start on the times shown on the tournament description.

  3. Seating arrangements are random. At single table tournaments players cannot choose their own seats. A change of seat during the tournament is not possible.

  5. Late registrations for the tournament could be done up to 2 minutes before game starts.

  7. If player wants to cancel his registration for the game, it could be done up to 2 minutes before tournament begins.

  9. At the very beginning of the tournament, dealer’s button will be given to the player with highest hand.

  11. Every hand, one player will get the dealer button (a small disk marked with a D). The position of the dealer is important, as the two players to the dealer's left post the blinds. The dealer button moves to the left after each hand, so everyone acts as the virtual dealer and everyone is required to post blinds. In some cases player might get Dealer Button without posting blinds when all other players are out. Usually it happens on the online tournaments. It might happen to everyone during the tournament and it is not a long term advantage.

  13. In case if two players are out of the game at the same time, the one with a bigger amount of chips will get a higher position.

  15. When there are only two players left in the tournament, the player on the Dealer position will start first posting low blinds. Player posting hi blinds will start first, next round.

  17. Tournament will terminate only when one player had won all chips and announced as a Winner.

  19. If you fail to respond, or suffer a disconnection, there is no All-in protection. You may not sit out a hand. You may, however, mark yourself as Away From Table. If you time out due to a lost connection, or fail to respond when it’s your turn, you will automatically be marked as Away From Table. If you are Away From Table, blinds are paid as appropriate and your hand is folded. When you come back, make sure that you uncheck the Left Table box. Unfortunately Offsidebet cannot accept any responsibility for the internet connection. (Disconection Protection).

  21. Dumping/Passing chips - Deliberately losing chips to other players for whatever reason will not be tolerated and WILL be picked up by our collusion monitoring team and dealt with accordingly. Please visit Etiquette.

  23. As the amount of players is reducing, tables will be rearranged to ensure full attendance. If it happens and player is moved to another table he might be asked to post blinds.

  25. We like to maintain a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for all our players and visitors. Although we cannot be held responsible for any player conduct, we do reserve the right to refuse use of the poker room to anyone who violates our rules and we will act quickly against offenders. Please visit Chat Rules.


    The following subjects are strictly prohibited:


    • Threatening or insulting any player, visitor, or employee
    • Using obscene language or profanity
    • Racist remarks
    • Revealing any cards held or passed
    • Discussing any context of a hand in progress
    • Agreeing to check a hand down when a third player is all-in
    • Needlessly slowing down the game
    • Making any statements to induce a player to act in a certain way
    • Speaking any other language than English during a hand
    • Collusion with any other player or cheating via text
    • Bullying a player into leaving the table


    Violation of any of the above will result in either a warning, suspension of chat facilities, permanent removal of chat facilities, suspension of playing privileges, or permanent removal of playing privileges.


  27. All prizes will be given according to the tournament type. For more information please refer to the Tournament Lobby.

  29. Offsidebet Poker reserves the right of Final Decision.



  • Rules regarding “Dealer Button” and its movements are only for Texas Hold’em and Omaha;
  • Sit & Go tournaments will not start at the stated times, but when the table is full. In addition, in this type of tournaments the increase of Blinds depends on the amount of played “hands”, whereas in multi table tournaments it depends on certain time period.
  • Blind sizes and the amount of chips will be different each Sit & Go Tournament.
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