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  Tournament Types


Offsidebet Poker - Tournament Types


The following is a list of tournament types we offer in the iPoker network.










You can participate in the tourmanents using Tournament Tokens.



In addition to the tournaments above there are:


  • Freezeout Poker tournaments: means that a player can't add any more chips to his stack apart from those he wins.


  • ReBuy Poker Tournaments: you can buy more chips if you run out or run low.



From the morning of December 5th (after 08:00 GMT):


  1. All scheduled tournaments will feature a 5 minute break at 55 minutes past each hour, no matter when they start.

  3. Any Rebuy and add-on tournament (R/A) will still feature add-on break of 3 minutes in addition to the synchronized break.


In all tournaments - prizes are paid out only after the tournament has been fully completed. If, for any reason, the tournaments is not completed, the Interruptred Tournaments Policy is applied.


In case of tourmanent interruption, the lost money is refunded to the players according to the "Interrupted Tournaments Payout Policy".

  • 1669

  • 1816
  • 1537

  • 1543

  • 1549

  • 1546

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