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  Royal Flush Bonus

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Get the Royal Flush and receive a cumulative bonus of not less than $ 100


The starting amount of the bonus is $ 100. Every day Offsidebet Poker will raise it by $10.


Bonus Amount        


Terms and conditions


  1. Royal Flush Bonus may be applied by Royal Flush combinations of any suit.


  2. Offer is valid for all Texas Hold'em tables, which is playing for real money with blinds of not less than $ 0.50 / $1.00 except tournament games.


    • For blinds $ 0.10-$ 0.20 and $0.25/$0.50 - prize of $ 100
    • For blinds <$ 0.10 - promotional prize of $ 25


  3. At least three players must get to the flop and showdown must be reached in the winning hand.


  4. Offer applies only to players who have made a deposit on the poker account in Offsidebet Poker.


  5. Both pocket cards must be involved for the combination.


  6. Four Accumulating Royal Flush bonuses may be paid in One day. One for each suit. In the case of a player winning one of the 4 Royal Flush bonuses, the bonus amount is changed to the base amount of $100 and starts to accumulate again. Other suits bonuses continue to accumulate until they reach the maximum bonus amount of $500.


  7. Royal Flush Bonus is paid to the player, which first attended Royal Flush combination of certain suit for game day (game day: 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. server time GMT +1).


  8. If during game day two or more combinations of the same Royal Flush suit are collected , then the Royal Flush bonus paid to a player, meeting a combination earlier.


  9. The players at the table should not prompt each another or to show their cards. Violation of this rule leads to automatic disqualification of an applicant for a Royal Flush bonus.


  10. In order to receive a Royal Flush Bonus, player must fill in the application form within 24 hours after bonus-winning hand has been collected. The application will need to specify a hand ID, the hand's date and a claim for the Royal Flush bonus.


  11. After application consideration and verification of the information the Royal Flush bonus will be paid to the winner, and the winner in this nomination will be notified in writing. Offsidebet Poker reserves the right to publish winners Nicknames in the relevant sections of our website.


  12. Bonus amounts can be withdrawn only after the player has generated 10 OPP for each $1 bonus. Example - 1000 OPP generated for a $100 bonus.


  13. This offer is not available for clients from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan(amendment done on 01.03.2015).


  14. By participating in this promotion, the player confirms that he read these Terms and Conditions, and agree with them.


  15. Offsidebet Poker reserves the right to change the terms of the promotion or terminate it at any time.



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