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Game etiquette is very important to us in order to ensure a friendly and pleasant playing atmosphere. When playing, you are part of a community and, as in any community, there are certain rules about behaviour and general conduct that we'd like players to observe. Any breach of these rules will result in the player being contacted and will carry the risk of suspension or ban from the poker room.


Keep your chat polite – Under no circumstances should you use vulgar or profane language whilst using our chat facility, this includes abusing or harassing other players.


Sitting out – The sit-out function should only be used when wishing to miss a hand or hands for a genuine reason. Players should not abuse this function.


Timely play – We understand that, occasionally, you may require some thinking time when playing. Please however consider the other players and try to make every effort not to slow up the progress of the game. Where possible, use the pre-select option boxes.


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