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  Best Hand Bonus


Offsidebet Poker - Best Hand Bonus


Best Hand Bonus



You’ve got JJJJ or more? Then we will give you additional $100!



Terms and Conditions:


  1. At least three players should reach the flop


  2. Bonus request should be sent in 24 hours after the player received his winnig hand


  3. Currently players with a hand of JJJJ or better are eligible to claim this bonus.


  4. Offer is available only for Texas Hold'em real money ring games with blinds not less than $0.50/1.00, except tournaments. Incentive prizes: $25 for tables with blinds $0.10-$0.20 & $0.25-$0.50, $10 for tables with blinds below $0.10-$0.20.


  5. Showdown must be reached in the game for which a claim is made.


  6. Offer is only available for players who deposited money on their account.


  7. Both pocket cards must be used in both the winning and losing hand.


  8. Only one "Best Hand" Bonus per day can be claimed.


  9. "Best hand" Bonus will be given to the player with the highest "Best hand" combination for the day (server time zone from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. Server time is GMT).


  10. In case of two identical "Best Hand" Bonuses, the Bonus will be given to the player who had the "Best hand" first.


  11. Players must play their hands independently and cannot tell opponents how to act or reveal their hand to other players. Players in violation of this rule will not be eligible for the bonus payment and their claim will be rejected.


  12. To receive this bonus, you must send an email to [email protected] , within 24 hours of having a "best hand" and must include the relevant hand ID.


  13. Bonus Payment will be paid to the winner, and Offsidebet reserves the right to use the winner’s nickname on the web page.


  14. Bonus amounts can be withdrawn only after the player has generated 10 OPP for each $1 bonus.  Example - 1000 OPP generated for a $100 bonus.


  15. This offer is not available for clients from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan (amendment done on 01.03.2015).


  16. By participating in this promotion players confirm that they have read and accept the terms and conditions.


  17. Offsidebet Poker reserves the right to change and/or stop this promotion at any time.


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