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  Tournament Tokens

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Tournament Tokens



Tournament Tokens allow you to register for the tournament without any additional fee - you don’t have to pay any registration or joining fees.


Usually, there are two ways to get tokens; player has to win either satellite tournament or participate in special promotions from Offsidebet.


To view earned Tournament Tokens please go to “My Account” – “FPP”


When player wants to register for a new tournament, there will be given a choice to use real money, FPPs or Tournament Tokens (Depends on Tournament Types).


Choice good be done by using “radio – buttons” in the registration window.


Please note: not all Tokens can be used for all tournaments. Tournament Tokens are only valid for limited time period and certain tournament types


  • 1669

  • 1816
  • 1537

  • 1543

  • 1549

  • 1546

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