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  Disconection Protection. All in / Time Out Feature


Disconection Protection. All in / Time Out Feature.



“All in” - is a feature that treats a disconnected player, who is involved in a pot, as if he was all-in. If this happens to you it means that you will stay in the pot but will not be able to bet or call any further bets in the hand, these bets will then create a side-pot which you are not part of. Because of this you will sometimes win pots (because you stay in with a hand that you would have folded) and also lose pots (because your bets or raises would have won the pot for you) without having to commit additional money in the pot. Disconnection protection is in place for genuine disconnections only!


Any player, who misuses this protection by intentionally disconnecting, may:


  • Forfeit any monies won


  • Lose Disconnection Protection privileges


  • Face expulsion from the site.


Players must accept the risk of disconnections. They can and do occur.


We reserve the right to expulse anyone who is misusing disconnection protection.

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