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  RollBack Bonus



RollBack Bonus - is a bonus available to all Offsidebet Poker Club customers, and it does not require an initial deposit (bonus is available for you even if you win money on freeroll tournaments instead of depositing).


RollBack Bonus allows you to earn up to $30 Profit for each 1000 OPP (Offsidebet Player Points), generated by you. You may earn points twice as fast by increasing your VIP Level.



How to receive the bonus?


Please send an email to [email protected]. The email should contain your name, Username and account number. If you have been invited by a friend, please quote the invitation code, however it is not necessary.

By registering for this Bonus you confirm that you agree to the bonus terms and conditions.

Once you receive a confirmation from Offsidebet Poker Club administration bonus will be added.



Bonus Calculation


Playing poker you will earn OPP (Offsidebet Poker Points). Your points will be calculated each month and the bonus will be added to your account. Bonus calculations are shown in the table below.


OPP earned
Dollar rate for 100 OPP
0 - 1499 1.00
1500 - 4999 1.25
5000 - 9999 1.50
10000 - 19999 2.00
20000 - 49999 2.50
50000 or more 3.00



How to receive the bonus?


Bonus will be activated automatically when you become a member of the Club.


Bonus will be calculated and added to your account within 72 hours following the end of the period (calendar month). There is no minimum bonus limit to earn, however minimum bonus payment cannot be less than $5 per month. (if you earn less it won’t be paid to you in current period).


This Offer is Valid for all Club members.


Attention:  Total amount of bonus payments in one month cannot be more than 30% of the Rake generated by player in that period. If it is more than 30%, then only an amount equal to 30% will be paid out.


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