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 The Ongame Network skin Redbet has announced the launch of "Strobe Poker," a fast fold variant that allows players to immediately transition to a new table upon folding.

"We're delighted to be able to offer Strobe Poker to Redbet players," said Adam Vella, Redbet's Head of Poker. "We believe Strobe will greatly enhance our poker offering and improve players' experience on the site while keeping the game fun."
Strobe Poker joins a fast fold market that began with Full Tilt's Rush Poker in 2010. Many other sites and networks have developed their own version of fast fold poker including Zoom Poker at PokerStars, FastForward on PartyPoker, and Speed Hold'em on the iPoker Network.

 Minted Poker officials have informed players of their intention to leave the Everleaf Gaming Network. The online poker site operator has cited frustration with the lack of communication and lengthy cash out times as reasons for this announcement.

Minted Poker has cited frustrations with the lack of communication involving pertinent issues of delayed withdrawals. The operator has stated that the Everleaf Gaming Limited CEO and COO have been unresponsive over the past 4 months. Given the many issues, Minted Poker has tentatively announced its intention to leave the network, although it acknowledged the possibility of opposition from Everleaf.
Over the past year, Everleaf Gaming Limited has drawn the ire of its network sites, affiliates, and players over the increased delays in withdrawals. The network attempted to alleviate the issue by withdrawing from the US market in early 2012. However, withdrawal issues have remained an issue for both non-US players and US players with funds in the Everleaf Gaming Network.

 New Jersey is the third state to approve online poker, but it's likely to have a greater impact on the rest of the country than its predecessors.

Nevada and Delaware didn't exactly open the floodgates for other states to seriously pursue online poker, but that makes sense. Nevada is viewed as a different entity than other states. It's a gaming state, and for a gaming state to expand its gambling options isn't going to be trendsetting. As one of the smallest and least populous states, Delaware doesn't command the spotlight.
This time is different. When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed the online gambling bill into law last week, political leaders in other states were taking notice.
If there is a state that is going to begin a chain reaction of Internet poker spreading across the country, it's New Jersey. In a few years, perhaps New Jersey will be better known for giving us online poker than Jersey Shore.

 A public relations battle between PokerStars and the American Gaming Association has shifted into full gear.

PokerStars has responded to a a legal brief filed by the American Gaming Association that seeks to prevent the global online poker leader from obtaining a gaming license in the state of New Jersey.
Rational Group, the parent company of PokerStars, issued a statement to pokerfuse in which Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications remarked: “These are matters for expert regulators to determine, not self-interested partisans picking a public fight.”
Hollreiser also made a statement to Nathan Vardi at Forbes indicating that Caesars Entertainment, one of the largest contributors to the AGA, approached PokerStars with a deal to sell the Rio Casino in Las Vegas.
According to the report, Caesars said such a deal would have given the two companies “a better relationship” and would have helped PokerStars gain a license in Nevada.
In addition, Vardi reported that sources close to PokerStars revealed that the World Series of Poker brand was also on the table in that deal proposed just last month.
Pokerstars rejected the offer, according to Hollreiser.
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