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Earning the trust and confidence of our members is a primary goal here at Offsidebet Poker and the key to our success. We aim to make everyone feel 100% comfortable playing poker at our tables from day one and have taken every effort to ensure so. From using true random number generators to ensure total game integrity to providing our players with real-time on demand transaction and game histories from within the poker software to securing and protecting the privacy of our players - these are the driving forces behind the way we run our business and our daily operations. We have also put in place the most advanced combination of statistical analysis tools and expert vigilance to provide the industry's most effective shield against player collusion.


We are absolutely committed to keep cheaters away from our site, so that our players can enjoy their games at Offsidebet Poker reassured in the knowledge that their play is backed by fairness and total integrity. It will be our firm policy to deal in the most determined and severe ways available with any individual or group of individuals who threaten or attempt to affect the game to the detriment of others in this way. Any information gathered about known cheats, colluders or others guilty of fraudulent activity will be distributed to other on-line gaming sites and, where appropriate to regulators and government authorities in the jurisdiction of the player(s) involved. Innocent players, the victims of such activity, will be treated with sympathetic concern. We encourage any player who believes he or she has been cheated, to report the offender (in complete confidence) by email to [email protected]. Complete records and a history of every hand are maintained at all times, and such records can be easily accessed and reviewed by the player. Finally, to all of you planning to or already enjoying playing our games, we wish you the best of luck and can guarantee, with confidence, the fairest game possible.


Depending upon the seriousness of the overall findings, players may be asked to provide valid explanations for their suspicious behaviour or, in more extreme cases, we reserve the right to remove players from the site.

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